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    Aaj Ka Dhamaka

    Aaj Ka Dhamaka (AKD) is an annual intercollegiate dance competition hosted by Sangam, the South Asian Awareness Organization at UNC-Chapel Hill. This unforgettable dance competition showcases the talent of Raas, Bhangra, and South Asian Fusion dance teams from across the United States, attracting an audience of over one thousand people […]

  3. Mahatma Ghandi Foundation

    Mahatma Ghandi Foundation

    History: In 1998, a small group of friends got together to establish a program that would provide a new opportunity for their peers to learn about and work for the South Asian community while augmenting their education through valuable experiences. To do this, they began researching the procedures through which […]

    Aaj Ka Dhamaka 2014

    Saturday, November 1st, 2014. Memorial Hall – Chapel Hill – US

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      UNC AKD 2014